Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Sips: Namaste

25 ounces of joy.
Beer Name: Namaste

Brewed By / In: Dogfish Head Craft Brewery / Milton, DE

Beer Type:  Belgian-style White/Witbier

Best Served In: Jelly glass, Weisse (maybe a little bit against the grain here)

ABV:  5.0%

Characteristics: A little cloudy and beautifully golden. Head similar to the purity of a meringue that lasted about 60 seconds.  Bursts with the smells and tastes of lemon grass and orange.  The coriander balances out the tart flavors on the palate.  Effervescent and bubbly with every sip.

Food Pairing:  Roasted turkey, Caesar salad

Overall:  9.8 - On this amazingly sunny day here on the Main Line, I sat in my v-neck, quenching my thirst with this wit.  I found this to be incredibly light and brought me back for more.  All in all, I found peace in and united to this libation.  One of my Spring Brews To Do's - check!  Slainte!

This slightly unfiltered brew needed a slight Instagram filter.
Photos provided by author.  Remember to always drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

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